Art theraphy Gabriela Hanáková

Art theraphy

Gabriela Hanáková

Therapy is based on observation, listening and emotional perception, and responses to various sensations. For example, when the mother (father) is with the child together in a space where I have the opportunity to watch their natural communication with each other, even if it is sometimes without words. As I say, it is a reading between lines that is permeated by silence. My work is also helped by paintings that are painted during the therapy, both by the clients themselves, the children or the parents. I leave the way of painting and drawing to the client myself, and it is up to him whether it is abstract painting from the soul, a set of emotions, feelings of mind, or whether it is a specific painting of material things. I never value art as a work of art; I have no art school myself. But for the client himself, it is important that he relaxes and really pains honestly what he feels and he does not pay attention to the drawing itself, how the therapist will evaluate it. Read from abstract painting and perceive its weight and meaning can only be given if one frees his mind and subconscious. Sometimes the painting will only start in later times, it is individual according to each person. The course of therapy is assembled gradually, depending on what the client needs, feel and is based on nature. Sometimes it is painted, sometimes it is silent, and other times the therapy is mostly done with gestures, mimics …. The children who come and come to me are very receptive. And as I gradually see, they are the children my parents bring to therapy without their parents realizing. I feel this kind of reaction from the kids as a targeted thing. During the therapy, the present moment is experienced, where these parents take away into their normal life. I teach partners to get to know each other, to tune each other, to understand each other’s behavior and reactions in different situations, to find continuity and succession. The goal is to change the life equations so that we do not live and do not constantly use the same things that take our breath, taste and hope to live the life we ​​want. My goal and mission is to make sure that you are satisfied with your work so that you can learn to live your life and not just survive it, even if everyone has been dealt with by destiny differently. Occasionally, for all of us, the difficulty of our lives is painful and painful.



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