Curative stay 2014

First Year of the Weekend Pony cuddles 10.10.-. 12.10.2014

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who supported FOR HELP. WITHOUT NO PONY CUDDLES. I HAVE THANK YOU VERY HAPPY! The very first day the children surprised us. By late evening, they played games that adapted to them. Careful parents were constantly looking for their children, but they had a lot of work to find the balloon in the dark. They were playing with him, discharged according to his own rules. Eventually they all sat down the stairs in front of the restaurant. They chatted together, and we even learned they were playing football. Really very beautiful end of the day.

The next day he began a hearty breakfast, and then we went to the stables. We split our horses and together we all moved to the riding hall. When I ask who will clean the stables, of course, nobody called for the first time, but for the third attempt a couple of candidates came forward. In the meantime, the Pony cuddles started with the assistance of Michal Roškaňuk and Olga Černohorská. I can not help feeling a sense of happiness when I watch them all in the distance. I dare say that everyone was happy and absorbed by a pleasant atmosphere. At the end of the morning Pony cuddles, the children took their horses to the grazing to redeem deserved, and they also heard the children thank you. Parents cleaned up the riding school, (so the throwing of the horse henkee was finally avoided) and went for lunch. After lunch, we cut off the cake that was given to us by the cake shop of Prokop’s cake on the occasion of the first weekend Pony cuddles. Not only was he wonderful, but also delicious. Thank you to the confectioners! After a good lunch and a dessert came a little fun. Olga Černohorská is not only a specialist in pedagogical psychology, it is also a designer, so she brought us to show and in practice to try out new special social games from our own workshop. From the news, we were intrigued by shadows (in two versions – with animals and pictures) that were developed specifically for autistic people. The greatest success, however, was the fabric labyrinth, which was not only for children, but also for the adults, it was great battles, who pushed their ball through the cloth tunnel to the end and put it in its bowl first. The younger children were enthusiastic about the Simplified version of the Labyrinth – Ball Racing.

A hike with horses in the wild was prepared for the second hour. For a while we let the children ride a horse ride in the woods among the trees, but because there was a steep climb, and the children slipped on the backs of the horses without saddle, we finally camped in a large meadow surrounded by the beautiful atmosphere of the autumn colors of the trees lining the clearing. The horses were satisfied and the children were looking at the world from the horsebacks, and they got rid of their animal friends. I believe that everyone in the meadow surrounded by the glittering forest found peace, satisfaction, and co-responsibility. We did not want to go back, but we were still waiting for another program. When we returned the horses to the stables, we moved to another hotel in the evening, where a workshop with Michal Rošňuk was prepared in the lounge where he informed his mother about his findings from Pony cuddles. Throughout the day, children had a better chance of getting acquainted with them, helping parents to find ways to improve communication with their child and solve some of the problem situations. The workshop was of great benefit to all, even for the assistants. Children with dads have also taken care of the fun – swimming in the sea-water pool! And as we could see them then they were excited, they enjoyed it. Pleasantly tired of the rich program of the day, we moved back to our boarding house, and when the parents put the children to sleep, an interesting debate from the workshop continued freely on a pleasant evening with a good late dinner. It was a beautiful dot for the first stay Pony cuddles.

On Sunday morning, after all the good breakfasts, everyone had said goodbye to them, and they had beautiful experiences and new insights, and they all went to their homes. Pony cuddles has been great, so we can plan some more. It will be of great interest to him!


My children Verunka Biegunová and Viktorka Biegunová, Michal Roškaňuk, PaedDr. Olze Černohorské, Monica Duksová, Katka Navratová, Klárka Hořínková, Voltiž Duha o.s. Karle, Katka and Misa, Prokopova Dortka Sweet-shop, Penzion Jízdárna and, of course, all parents and children.