Curative stay 2017

Curative stay Jeseník

We have another, the fourth psychorelaxation and educational stay, and this time in Jeseníky in the area of ​​Rejvíz. At this stay he lectured and educated us PhDr. Hynek Jön, Ph.D., who, through his professionalism, shifted his parents to their understanding of autism.

We are deeply grateful to him for being the first therapist who was able to talk to parents in such a clear and understandable way. Everything was still spiced by Mrs. Mgr. Petra Jůnová with its rare insights.

Another valuable visit was psychologist Mgr. Petra Sperlingová. Whenever she visits our events, her presence opens to the parents of the area where it is good to pause and think.

The musician and carver Radek Schwarz accepted the invitation. The way he can play the didgeridoo, we already know, and the children in his music are delighted, we also know this, but this time our dads taught us to carve the drumsticks, and we did not know how wonderful it could be. The maids of my Majesty gave my mother and I believe they still remember how beautiful they were today.

Like every year, we have prepared horses and walks for nature for the children. Beautiful scenery and clean air have helped children. Our assistants were a huge support. Thank you very much, the children enjoyed you and your parents could relax and learn peacefully.