FOR HELP s.r.o. – FOR HELP – Autism z.s.

Our association bears the name FOR HELP – for help, and we follow. We are trying to help children and people with autism. Our effort is also focused on educating autism. Our company runs the Cuddling with Horse project, where families with autistic children visit us every Friday and Saturday in four stables.

Our next goal is to build a community center – a farm in Ostrava for Autistic Families, where we would offer areas for Pulled with Beekeeping, therapy, lectures and free activities focused on the development (development) of autistic people.


Autism is really a very broad concept. It goes without saying that you can not write a few sentences about autism, but you can write how I see autism myself.

Autistic people are people who have a different perception of the environment but still live with us and in our society. It can be said that they perceive the world in a non-linear way and therefore we can not understand them. Then it is up to us how we treat them, and if we do not understand them, at least do not condemn it. Their talents are that they see things that we are unable to understand or notice. Autists like things in their places and in synchronization. There are plenty of myths about autism, such as not being able to feel emotionally. Of course they know it! They can embrace themselves so beautifully, and if their hugging is not their own, they will express it in a different way that just suits them.

In hope, their parents live that their children will heal and integrate into our society, but it does not matter just to them, but to our society, how we accept them and how we treat them. The struggle of parents with the authorities and the environment is tedious and exhausting, it is also tiring to constantly explain to their surroundings why their child behaves like this. Parents of autistic children have no room for awareness of autism. There are centers and collective cooperation of experts.

Incorporating autistic children into education is another struggle that is not adapted to parents. Education is supposed to work together to help parents, but it is not the case. Of course, there are exceptions. And to those who are so exceptional, thank you!