Ponny cuddles

Ponny cuddles is every Saturday and Friday at Merko – Haj in Slezsko – Lhota, Mlýn u vodáku Slámy, Mlýnská 1, 747 92 and the stable of TJ Baník with coaches Kata and Hanka Navratová with Mares Vatangou and Sara.

Time we always talk forward to:

phone: 00 420 607 026 377 or 00 420 702 145 787

mail: v.biegunova@forhelp1.cz

or facebook, where the free deadlines are always listed.

Children with disabilities have free admission as well as professional assistance. This is also thanks to all FOR HELP sponsors.

What do the horses do? Jump, pull, carry, work, but that’s not the main thing he can! He can open our hearts and that’s the main thing why they’re here with us. People who start working with horses are also beginning to work on their own. The first lesson when working with an animal is “HERE AND NOW”! The horse teaches you to be focused on the moment you are experiencing. Your concentration must be 100%, your thoughts must be focused on working with horses. That’s how you live ” HERE AND NOW!” That’s just a part of what the horse can do. That’s why our company FOR HELP has decided to create a “Ponny cuddles” project, where families learn to work with horses. In the “Ponny cuddles” class, the whole family is always present so that children have the support of siblings and parents. It begins with a horse salute, hugging and then cleaning. It clears from mane to hoof. Then we straighten the horses and begin to set up. If the child is not ready for a ride, let him drive the horse. From a five-year practice, but we know that there are children who can not work with aids and that’s why we always adapt and on the horse’s back we go to discover nature, but if that’s not the case, we do not give up and we sit in the pond with ponies and goats.

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