Adventor o.s.

Company FOR HELP s.r.o. worked with Adventor o.s. We believe that with the financial help of Adventor, we have helped many Autistic people from all over the Czech Republic, as he has done so well and will do in the future. Their projects-the foundations are really great and tremendous. We wish them much luck.


Advent’s goal is to develop a versatile supportive activity for the autistic community, in particular:

  • provision or mediation of therapeutic care for both small and large autism
  • provision or mediation of counseling for both small and large autism and for carers (parents, educators, psychologists)
  • protection of autistic rights and carers, counseling in life situations where their rights could be curtailed, especially as regards the right to education, upbringing, work and social enjoyment, or the defense of civil and human rights
  • cooperation on preparation of documents for legislative changes in social health care
  • methodological support for healing, educational and educational processes
  • counseling and support for autistic people on the education and work market, creating space for work placement
  • provision or mediation of relief and assistance services
  • providing information on issues, both for the community and for others, organizing educational activities, seminars and courses
  • support for community and leisure activities (club rooms, meetings, events) for autistic people