Benefit Sunday

Benefit March for Health 2018

REALLY HAPPENED THEM. Beautiful weather and great mood accompanied all the participants in the march for health. Our new memorial book, which we founded this year, is full of beautiful pictures from children. Paintings were painted at the stop of Štěpán pond. We all arrived, we did not notice any blisters. There was a refreshment, a rich raffle, a choral performance, and, at the end of the day, we all released affirmatory balloons full of health. We have extended the beautiful afternoon by toasting the sausages. Perfect base for us was prepared by the Shipyard Děhylov and Třebovický mlýn, for which we thank them very much. Thank you for the media support. Thanks to the sponsors of DETOA s.r.o., Třebovický mlýn, Loděnice, Provident, Jan Stolarik, FOR HELP s.r.o., Family Center Chaloupka, family Hruškových. We thank the volunteers – the Fucek family, the family of the proud, Stolarik family, Adam Mrkvik, Verunca and Viktor Biegun. WITHOUT YOU WALK YOU!

Benefit March for Health 2017


We cordially invite and look forward to all the participants in the Health Benefit March,

on Sunday April 2, 2017, to support children with autistic spectrum disorder and children in substitute family care.

We start at Třebovický mlýn, at 9.30 am on Sunday. At the start, the participants will receive ticket tickets in exchange for the payment of the starting fee and for the children we have prepared balloons.

Along the Opava river we go through the beautiful countryside to the shipyard Děhylov. At the control station you are stamping a ticket at the Štěpán pond. The shipyard’s destination is waiting for you to draw tickets for the prizes we received from the sponsors – approximately, at 14.00.

You can buy refreshments at the shipyard, which is being prepared by the Dehylov Shipyard team.

We look forward to you.

Thank you for your support:

For help s.r.o., Mocca, s.r.o., Decathlon, THAO Brno, Bobule Winery, Smart Loan, RKC Chaloupka, z.s.

We dare to step, let’s get a good footprint, support autism, smiling everything better. Mom, dad, kids, are glad to go our world, thank you folks, do you help every step?





Sunday 2.4. was the day of autism. We remembered it with a 7-mile march, and for some it was a really big challenge. By completing this challenging route, with trolleys, crutches or children, you have shown us how great a will can be. I was hoping for a raffle where everybody came to theirs. In a peaceful atmosphere, children played with musician Radek Schwarz.

THANK YOU – Shipyard to Ing.Jiří Zapletal for beautiful spaces, Třebovický mlyn for our starting point and good coffee. All volunteers who created the whole event with us: Helen and Honzik Stolarik, Blance Fucek, Martin Fucek, Adam Mrkvička, Hance and Pavel Hrdý, For Help Team and Chaloupka Team. Thanks also to the companies that donated gifts to the tombola: – quality handmade fashion, Mocca spol.sro, Smart Loan, Stoklasa – Textile Haberdashery sro, Tiskárna Schenk sro, Bobule Wine, Decathlon and last but not least Family and community center Chaloupka zs, For Help sro


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Benefit Sunday

date: 15.6.2014

where: Mlýn u vodníka Slámy, Mlýnská 1, Háj ve Slezsku-Lhota, 747 92

time: 13:00 – 22:00


13: 00h – 14: 00h – Piano Performance by Vilém Antonín Munya and Denise Szalbot – Genius in the Music Sphere.

14: 00h – 15: 00h – Lecture by Mgr. Kateřina Konrádová – Autism and its connection with genetic and acquired            toxicity

15: 00h – 16: 00h – The lecture of the therapist Michal Roškaňuk from o.s. Adventor. Therapist of autistic children.

16: 00h – 17: 00h – Lecture by Eva Rychterová – Kinesiology

17: 00h – 18: 00h – Jaroslav Dušek’s appearance – Talk about the Four Agreements and the Fifth Agreement

18: 00h – 19: 00h – Theater performance Mgr. Přemysl Mikoláš and the therapist Michal Roškaňuk – Humorous situations from autistic life

19: 00h – 20: 00h – Auction of items to support o.s. Adam autistic children and us. Pictures from Autistic Children, Ostrava Cakes, Picture of Gabriele Hanáková.

20: 00h – 22: 00h – Music performance by Martin Chodur

14: 00h – 15: 00h – Meditate with children. On the green meadow, children will meditate with Mirka Biegun.

14: 00h – 17: 00h – Pony Cuddles. Project FOR HELP s.r.o. for autistic children. For autistic children, personal assistants will be prepared to help children with their children’s activities. Various games and attractions are also available for children.

Vilém Antonín Munya

is a client of the Social Institute care in Hrabyn. He is a man of great talent, he has absolute hearing. He plays many instruments.

Denis Szalbot

is endowed with Asperger’s Syndrome. He has an absolute musical hearing, and at the age of eleven he has no problem playing piano. The musical performance on the Benefit Sunday will be the connection of these two outstanding personalities during the play on the pianist.

Mgr. Kateřina Konrádová


Mgr. Katerina Konradova, CI, Dip. MH Western Nature with over 20 years of interest in this field. Founder of the largest naturopath team in the Czech Republic. Chair of the Association of Czech Iridologists and Naturopathic Consultants. First Certified Iridologist with International Accreditation IIPA in the Czech Republic. The first medical thermographer specializing in Full Body Scan in the Czech Republic. Darkfield Nutritional Specialist. Elektroherbalista. Accredited Nutrition Advisor. Accredited masseur. Master Herbalist in Phytotherapy. Author of many projects for the education of the professional and lay public in the fields of naturopathy. Specialist pegadog, lecturer and methodologist.

Michal Roškaňuk

Lecture on “Autism and Communication” – about what is all or not communication, what can be the form, why the word can hurt, when the word actually does not communicate when the word communicates something else than what he says and many other attractions.

Eva Rychterová

Kinesiology is a technique for relaxing stress from the body. Stress and unprepared emotions block the energy flow in the body, not only in the physical body, but also in subtle bodies. Stress is the energy that arises when the Body and Soul are inconsistent. It can be said that the Body wants one and the Soul of the other, they can not make it. Stress can occur every 2 seconds, and if you do not release it from the body within 28 days, it is stored in the subconscious, if we do not even work it down, it drops down to the level of the body, and we are sickened in the future. Kinesiology searches through a muscle test, in which time the stress line is hidden and using Bach’s flowers and various muscle corrections the stress dissolves and the body begins to heal. Healing for each block is different, but the body is treated for several months after unblocking.

Jaroslav Dušek

personality of the Czech Nation. Its lifestyle and views opens the way for many people. He acts as a theatrical and film actor, and that is far from everything. At the Kampa Theater he presents the “Soul K” beside the guests, who are autistic guests. The appearance of Jaroslav Dušek will be on the Book of Four Agreements and the Fifth Arrangement of Miguel Ángel Ruiz. The book presents itself as a practical guide to personal life. For us all Jard Dušek and his work are a huge contribution.

Mgr. Přemysl Mikoláš and Michal Roškaňuk

Both gentlemen are therapists of autistic children. Humorous experiences from practice, but also the attempt to bring the world of autism into the theater scenes.

Mgr.Přemysl Mikoláš

is a child psychologist working at SPC Kpt.Vajdy. He specializes in autism. He is the author of several successful therapeutic projects, such as Chlapi sebe (therapeutic group of fathers of autistic children), Meetings with grandparents, etc. He is also an honorary member of several civic associations helping to improve the quality of life for autistic people.

Michal Roškaňuk

the initiator of Adventor, who has Asperger’s syndrome and rich experience in working with disabled children. Since he has a lot of other “aspirations”, he has good communication skills and thanks to his specific perception he can see what the neo-classics remain hidden and is usable in everyday work with autism. He works as an independent counselor and provides his services to both small and large autism and caregivers, cooperates with parents as well as pedagogues, psychologists and therapists. It deals primarily with the development of communication skills and adaptations of unwanted behavior using cognitive behavioral procedures.


Auction of the item by Children from o.s. Adam – autistic children and we painted beautiful paintings.

Ostrava cakes

Owner of Ostrava Cakes Gabriela Doležalová donated an inspirational cake inspired by Disney. The cake will be created on the theme of Little Mermaid Ariel.

Gabriel Hanáková

is a woman who has been treated by herself with the help of Artetherapy. Four years ago, she diagnosed Neurognosis of tetanus, a civilization disease of today. Thanks to this illness and its treatment of artetherapies, yoga, rehabilitation and meditation, she came to paint her energy paintings on her gift. One of these beautiful paintings by Mrs. Hanakova was put up for auction.

Pony cuddles

it is a therapy for families with children with autistic spectrum disorders. Children with PAS and their siblings learn to move next to horses. At more advanced times, children learn to saddle a horse, lone – communicate with a horse and finally learn how to ride a horse. These skills are taught by their entire family.

Meditation with children

Children will learn how to meditate, we will talk about children’s imagination and meditation.

Martin Chodúr

from the musical world. With her magic voice she sings her own compositions with the whole band. Martin was born on November 24, 1989 in Ostrava. After his parents he inherited not only the love of his native city but also the love of music e. Martin’s music has been coming from birth. Even in his early childhood he became part of his life. At the age of three, he began to attend the Children’s Music School, with which he had the first public appearances, the first tones on the recorder and above all the personality of the music teacher Mikuláš Ďurka, who had developed Martin’s musical feel for many years.

Take a break at the discretion of the blanket for a pleasant sitting in the grass and raincoats in case of bad weather.


100, – per person for families with an autistic child

350, – per person

550, – including ready-made entertainment in the private saloon

Inputs can be ordered by e-mail addresses:,


Program for families with children

This program is led by Libuška Gelnerová, Mgr.Alois Vodák, Mgr.David Horák.



1 – Pony cuddles

The whole family learns to move next to a horse and work with a horse. We recommend solid shoes if you bring snacks, so they will be stored in the stable and then distributed to all horses. Feeding with Pony cuddles is not appropriate.

2 – Meditation with childrenDigital children try meditating. Meditation will take place in the style that we lie down or sit in the grass, the children can be next to the parents, or the small children can lie in their arms. If it happens that the children will be restless or do not want to be calm, nothing happens. Parents with children can walk sideways. Everything depends on the situation. I believe that everything will be good and we will all be well tuned. Take your blankets, or coveralls.

3 – Paint the dolls

With o.s. KIWANIS CLUB OSTRAVA were donated rag dolls, on which children will be painting pins.

4 – Parking jumpingIn the riding hall, parkour obstacles will be prepared for children with their parents. You can try what it is like to be a horse on a jumping races.

5 – Rope activitiesOwn trees will be a rope labyrinth that will be a great challenge for kids.

6 – Water CircleThis is a great circuit full of obstacles and sports activities for the whole family.


It was a magical Sunday, everyone was having fun in the beautiful setting of the U vodníka Slámy. Each visitor found his place where he could teach the children or listen to the lecture. We also enjoyed the talk about the Fourth and Fifth Arrangements from Jaroslav Dušek, who was very successful. The personality of Mr. Dušek probably addressed everyone, and he was so kind and gave us his performance with a gift. Which we really appreciate. The performance of Martin Chodura danced us nicely, really has a wonderful voice. All of the participants were very helpful for the benefit Sunday.

Thanks to this, we would like to thank: Mgr.Premyslov Mikoláš, Michal Roškaňuk, Mgr. Kateřina Konrádová, Eva Rychterová, Denis Szalbot and his parents, Vilém Munyu, Mgr. Zdeněk Joukl, husband Popkov, Karin Mikolášová, Mgr. Libušce Gelnarová, Mgr. David Horák, children from DDŠ Těrlicko, Monica Duksová, Jitka Malíková, Dagmar Soliman, Veronice and Viktorka Biegunová, Katka and Anetka Tovaryšová, Janě Dominová, Libor Fabian, Hanka Kopecká, Vendulka Prášková, Nikol Nabělková, Klárce Hořínková, Markéta Fabrigerové, Helena Stolariková , o.s. Kiwanis and Radim Kyčerk. We especially thank the members of the o.s. Adam.

All who made the Benefit Sunday made it out of love for the children and we appreciate it. THANK YOU!



A great surprise for Mr. Vinyl Munya was prepared by Roman Šico – Romek. car s.r.o., who bought the keys. On the Benefit Sunday he handed it over to Mr. Vlčík and he gave us everything and especially Mr. Vlčík. VERY THANK YOU, THAT GREATEST WORK WE MAY BE MADE. Thanks to the masters and the participants, it was really big adrenaline.

As you all well know, Mr.Villak Munya got new keys from sponsor Romano Šic – Romek car sro We did not expect that Mr. Vilík will not want Casio keys with a hammer keyboard but will want Yamaha with soft keys. First we counseled how to deal with this situation with professionals and families with home autistic autism. We found it was not so easy to give an autistic gift. If you give him something other than he expects and just a little bit different on the subject, it is no longer a gift, but just an object that is different from what he wanted. The expectation of others, waiting for a joyful moment is in this case in vain. We think we have had a beautiful experience as it happens in other homes with autism. However, Mr. Roman Šico kept very nice and he understood the problem that arose. He has negotiated a key change and today Vilík can play again and give joy. This way, we would like to thank the musical instruments store in Globus Ostrava.


Auction on Benefit Sunday

Financial proceeds from the auction will go to a suburban camp for children with PAS and their healthy siblings, which this year will take place in two tours. He liked the painting of Gabky Hanáková, the image of Hip Hop and the Cake of Gabka Doležalová (Ostrava Cakes). The auction was accompanied by Mgr. Zdeněk Joukl, who came to us from Brno to help us. It’s his hobby and he likes to help non-profit organizations. Thank you for your very professional approach.

As the first auction went to Gabka Dolezalová. This wonderful cake was won by Tomáš Drgáč – Auto Nej s.r.o. The second auction item was the image of Filip Pospěch, who caused a great fight but was won by Mr. Szalbot. The third item of the auction was an image by Gabriele Hanáková. This beautiful and sensual image was auctioned by Tomáš Drgáč – Auto Nej s.r.o. Thanks to the ladies and the participants, it was really great adrenalin.




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