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In our lectures we try to inform both the professional and the general public about what Austism is. It is a very important activity for our company. Workshops are mostly for parents and assistants who need help with communicating with a PAS child.

Events organized:

Workshop 2017


Certified GAPS Practitioner and Nutrition Advisor Gabriela Mika offered talks on autism and nutrition.

Here we have three parts:





Lecture Prof. RNDr. Anny Strunecké DrSc.

Lecture Prof. RNDr. Anny Strunecké DrSc. has fallen above our expectations. Every room in the hall was busy, and the audience listened silently to every word spoken by the professor. The lecture was full of information and very surprising data. I think we took a lot of useful advice. It is certainly interesting to read the books, opinions and knowledge of this wise woman.

Lecture MUDr. Ludmily Elek: Vaccination, Immune Disorders and Nervous Development in Children

On Saturday, April 25, 2015, a lecture was held in Ostrava by MUDr. Elekové. Mrs. MUDr. Elena literally captivated us with lots of information about vaccination and immunity. Gabriela Miková (nutritional counseling from E.L.A.) was present as a guest, who introduced us and informed us about the nutrition of children with autism spectrum disorders. This very interesting lecture addressed many people who attended it. For three hours we have been flooded with important but interesting facts, which Mr. MUDr. Elena could make it clear. The lecture ended with a lecture.

Thank you very much Mr. MUDr. Elekes that she accepted an invitation to Ostrava and we believe it will not be the last one. We also thank Gabriel Mike for the mediation of this wonderful lecture.

Miroslava Biegunová

Autistic Week in Ostrava

autismus A4

autismus A42

In days from 30.3. – 1.4. 2015 took place a workshop and lecture with Mgr. Zuzana Maštenová, BCBA.

Mgr. Maštenová introduced her parents and experts with Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is currently the most powerful tool and helper when working with a child with an autistic spectrum disorder. Applied behavioral analysis is a scientific method that uses tools to help reduce the inappropriate behavior of children with PAS and replace them with appropriate behaviors. ABA also focuses on methods of effective learning of children with PAS. Achievements about which Mgr. Maštenová spoke, parents and experts took so much interest in working with this method. Parents have tried some procedures and exercises on their own, which is certainly very beneficial. We believe that this globally recognized method will help children and families cope with the everyday difficult situations in which the family finds themselves.

Among other lecturers was Michal Roškaňuk from o.s.Adventor. His lecture focused on the issue of how to deal with autism in which conflict behavior occurs. For many people, it’s hard to walk around a lying child on the sidewalk without showing your opinion and that’s not really fun. P. Rosskauk advised a couple of instructions on how to adapt this situation.

Another interesting guest was Mrs. Mgr. Dagmar Mazáková, director of SZŠ for pupils with multiple disabilities, who has great experience with pupils with autism. Through the video, she introduced us to how she works in her school.

Ms. Gabriela Miková (Nutritional Counseling to E.L.A) has explained to all the present simple and clear why and how to change the diet for children with PAS. Throughout the lectures in the library, people have the opportunity to look and try the structured tasks of the “Learn to Love” project.

Initiator Autism Week in Ostrava Petra Doleželová contributed in her lectures on ABA to specific problems management techniques.

We are delighted that our financial and moral support for the Autism Week project in Ostrava helped children with PAS and their families in particular. We enjoyed the interest of the public.

Thank you all!

We also thank for the cooperation of the Ostrava City Library.

Lecture by Michal Roškaňuk

When – 26.11.2014, beginning at 17h.

Where – in the Cultural House Akord, Ostrava-Zábřeh, classroom no.3

Theme – Autism as a phenomenon

Autism presents a very diverse spectrum of both subjective and common problems for the surrounding society, which is not a dramatic increase in the number of cases we are experiencing recently. But autism is also a set of specific features for autism, some of which are treated as a disorder rather than diverting from a majority act than because they are clearly defective. The lecture focuses on individual aspects of autistic spectrum disorders in all aspects (including practical topics such as communication with autism with regard to potential mental retardation), whether it be the angle of view of parents and relatives or professionals, with particular reference to situations typical of nursing specialists , health and social care.

Gabriel Jarolim lecture – Nutritional counseling of E.L.A.

When – April 17, 2014, from 17:00 to 19:00.

Where – in the building AKORD Culture House, classroom 1, on SNP Square in Ostrava.

Theme – What are the interventions in the fight against autism? How do they do abroad and how does this problem solve with us? What are the options? About diet and therapies? What can you do for your children yourself and what to do with experts? I can share your experiences with my own children. “Mr. Jaroli’s life experiences brought to the Akord Cultural House, where they shared the form of discussion with them parents. G. Jarolim has two autistic children, and he does not want to accept the system and the notion that nothing can be done about autism. And she went into study and what did she come up with? You have to use common sense, to fight and not to dare! She managed to bring her children to a state that enabled them to live in society. And how? She has combined several factors and made her children the environment that suits them, through the therapists, doctors and healthy eating. She came up with what foods are suitable for her children and which brings them to anxiety. I could write a lot of other things here, but I will leave it to Mr. Jarolim at the next discussion at the Akord Cultural House. Lecture by Michal RošňukaKey – 27.3.2014 at 17h Place of Event – Ostrava – Zábřeh, Kpt. Vajdy 2656 / 1aTheme of the lecture – AUTISMUS ZBLÍZKA. The lecture of Michal Roškaňuk was amazing again. The lectures of the therapist Michal Roškaňuk are really great for us. Just because he has Asperger’s syndrome himself, he sees autism from the other side. He can help us to look into the world of autism and helps us understand the world from their side. She can really talk about autism. His lectures are not just a simple, summative summary of facts, but they are a form of amazing narrative, interesting information, and useful advice. Michal Roškaňuk knows a lot of instructions for how to work with autistic people and how to develop them.Ms. Michael Rošňuk thank you very much! Michael Roškaňuk Lecture – 13.1.2014 from 17h.Kde – in the Akord Cultural House, Ostrava-ZábřehThe long-awaited lecture of the therapist Mr.Roskaňuk did not disappoint us , was full of information and revelation of life with autism. It was interesting to observe this personality during the lecture given that he told us that during the lecture he calculated the geometrical shapes on the opposite wall and still managed to keep the concentration on the theme of the lecture. A little brilliant! This lecture gave us answers to many questions and mainly showed us how to communicate with autism. Some of the findings were a surprise for us. Such a small demonstration – The question was how to communicate with hyperactive autism within the Pony cuddles. We were mainly concerned with its security. We have outlined the situation in Rochester’s case that parents have been instructed about safety. P. Rossenuk immediately responded why they were taught about the safety of a parent, not an autistic child. It is extremely important to communicate with both the child and the parent. I do not know that we did not think of it 🙂 Thank you Mr.Roskaňuk.

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