The Road to Blue Dream – Stay By The Sea in Bulgaria 2017

Parental Responses for a Healthy Stay at the Sea for Children with PAS – The Road to Blue Dream 2017, Sozopol

We send a warm thank you to For Help and all who have been involved in the wanderings to the sea.
We had our first vacation together with Davide. Of course, we had a great deal of concern to handle it – it is not talking, it does not understand spoken language, it has mental retardation and child autism.
Our concerns were, but absolutely unnecessary. For Help arranged everything for one. He first allowed us to take a look at the children in the background of a plane repairing company so the kids could board the plane and take a look around. That’s what we’ve solved that would be afraid of an unfamiliar environment. On the day of departure, we all gathered in the departure lounge, passed through inspections and settled in front of the aircraft – all according to the requirements of For Help. The whole trip was fine and we arrived at the hotel. The beautiful environment captivated us. Peace, lots of greenery, plenty of swallows flying around the campus. Just idyll. The hotel staff was friendly, nice and smiling. The sea was really a bit, so there were also our first steps. Once David saw the sea, he was lost. He is excited by the joy that my husband will caress for a long time. So much water! And waves! Joyful laughter and excitement did not end.
Dinner and the general range of food and drink was amazing and our taste buds enjoyed the holiday. Other days were taking place in a similar scenario. Morning and afternoon spent by the pool or sea, evenings in pleasant conversations with other participants. One day spent visiting a nearby Sozopol with a boat trip. The whole stay for us as a family was a great relaxation and relaxation from other difficult days.
Without For Help and their sponsors, we would not get anywhere. Unfortunately, it is a sad truth, and our gratitude is all the greater. We greatly appreciate the work of For Help and the generosity and kind hearings of those who have allowed us to enjoy the extravagant week out of the ordinary days.
In fact, he does not even think how to thank us well. It meant so much to us that the words are very hard.So for our family – thank you. Thank you wholeheartedly, and we believe that the good that you gave us will come back to you all.
Zlatka, Zdeněk and Davídek Juráň.

I wish everyone a nice day for For Help – autism z.s. who participated in the project “The Way to the Blue Dream”. Thanks to your work and all the sponsors, we could spend a beautiful week between “ours”. We as a family, we finally stopped and were after a long time with ourselves. Throughout the year, we do not have time, since each of our children requires and prefers other activities, we are basically together but each with one child alone. The sea, the sandy beach, the common walk we finally enjoyed together. I thank Petře Sperlingové very much for her time spent with us – it was a way of self-knowledge :-). Mirce Biegunové, who did not have anything but pleasure in her face, participation, support she gave to our parents and our children. Ms Radmile (our “adoptive” grandmother) for Alanka. Veronica and Viktor for help with children. Great thanks, we love you.


Hello to FOR HELP, specifically Mrs Mirce and Mrs. Radmile,
we would like to thank you for a wonderful week at the sea in Bulgaria at Hotel Laguna Beach in Sozopol on June 12 – June 19, 2017. Everything was absolutely perfect and from our perspective on a high professional level. Both site selection and CK selection. We all enjoyed it and we have beautiful memories. Once again, thank you very much.
Sincerely and with the wish of many other successful projects. Lucie Grygerkova, Matyasek Kralik, Petr Grygerek and Radek Buchta

Hello, thank you very much FOR HELP – AUTISMUS, z.s. for mediating a wonderful sea retreat in Bulgaria and for getting money for my family. The daughter suffers from severe psoriasis, PAS, ADHD with behavioral disorder, epilepsy, and SMR.It was a wonderful holiday my daughter enjoyed. The accommodation was great, the food was perfect, the weather was quite desirable and the kids enjoyed it very much, and that is important. Thank you once again, because without you we would not have been there. We wish you all the best !!! Thank you very much Monča, Míša and Adámek Hlaváčovi

Hello,I would like to write a few words and thank you for staying at the sea in Bulgaria.With Barunka we were the first two alone at the sea without her father and older daughter Vendulka, it was quite difficult for my mom because I was still guarding Baruška, but it was one of the most beautiful holidays for us. See Barunka how happy she is, relaxed and without any stress and anxiety at all. I was excited about it. Thank you very much for For Help for helping us with Barunka that we were able to enjoy ourselves two, that you are so great and absolutely good people, from which it completely radiates peace and comfort. YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLE in the right place.

Thank you very much for Barunka.

with greetings Radka and Barunka Běčákovi

Hello 🙂We would like to thank For Help for this wonderful holiday that we have spent in a circle of people (now our friends) who have suffered the same annoyance as us and the affliction of the child with autism.Exclude a foreign holiday where both parents and the same disabled children spend time , was very ingenious. The exchange of information between parents and the joint contact of children amongst themselves is for non-payment. In addition to what we said here, everything was arranged so we do not have to take care of anything, and I know that all this has to be a lot of work and time.Once again, I would like to thank ForHelp for this holiday and for the activities she does for disabled children.

Zemánkovi wery thank you, you will be able to see what you are doing.

I would like to thank FOR HELP for our whole family for allowing us to take a healing stay at the sea. Staying at the seas was very beneficial for our son – it was great to see how his senses developed – staying in the sea, playing in the sand, walking along the beach, and relaxing in the whirlpool had a positive effect on his relaxation and calming. Also ensuring the whole stay was adapted especially to autistic children – the possibility of aircraft sightseeing, priority check-in at the airport, etc. All this contributed to the minimization of the possible stress of the children. I would like to thank the For Help Director for her sensitive, individual and professional approach. Both to organize the whole trip, especially to children, families and their individual current needs. I was very pleased with the offer of a possible son’s watch even though we did not use it. I very much appreciate the work of Mrs. Mirka Biegun and her team for their unconditional willingness to help children with autism and their families.

Michaela Hrušková

Dear Mrs Biegun,allow me to cordially thank you and all those who participated in the preparation and organization of the rehabilitation stay in Bulgaria in 2017 for this whole family.We would like to appreciate especially fast and seamless check-in at the airport in Ostrava and Burgas, including transport by bus to the designated place there and back. The choice of accommodation was excellent. The Laguna Beach Hotel in Sozopol has a beautiful environment full of soothing greenery, two children’s playgrounds that have been suitable for evening relaxation for parents and children, an indoor pool with whirlpool and a large outdoor swimming pool with a water slide, which was used mainly by our friends. Everywhere, purity and tranquility prevailed. The hotel’s breakfast was at the highest level. Tasty, always fresh and varied. Each of us could choose “his”, which even in my health problems was amazing. Beach clear and beautiful sea.Our great thanks to the psychologist, her therapy was a great asset to our family.There was a whole bunch of people who had a lot to say about their plants and some of their experiences and advice were really valuable.I think that not only our daughter enjoyed this stay and enjoyed a lot of health, but we also had our parents, thanks to the actions under the supervision of the assistants, for our constantly active children to get a bit of a “breath out”. There was also a boat trip around the town of Sozopol.So I can certainly say for my family that we enjoyed our stay with great satisfaction. We did not want to go back to reality at all.Finally, I would like to thank a great deal again for everything that For Help does for all children. Whether it be hippotherapy, horse competitions, suburban camps, Christmas meetings, air tours at Mošnov airport, healing stays in the Beskydy Mountains or already in the mentioned Bulgaria. All of you who are involved in this and sacrificing your precious time for our children are, as we and our husband say, “our angels.” Nowadays there are really few people who really help. You deserve great thanks.The fact that you are very respectful and wish you a lot in the future, a lot of health and a lot of smiling and happy kids. A happy child and his smile is the most beautiful gift in the world for his parents.

family Šantová

Dear Mrs. FOR HELP – AUTISMUS,let me thank you warmly for our family in the composition Lyduchová Ivana / Šusták René / Šusták Jan for … that you … exist.In 2 years of therapy / Pony cuddles with your company, you have given us so much support in the upbringing, adaptation and inclusion of our son John with Asperger’s syndrome that we can no longer imagine that we should not have the therapies for the therapy, we will calm down and give our horses even more love, and our son at all has a relationship with horses, that is, but only one aspect of meeting FOR FOR HELP.

Another was an autumn healing stay at Hotel Sluníčko in the beautiful surroundings of the Beskydy Mountains, where we had intimate familiarity with great families, whose fate also offered a new dimension of living in the form of childhood education with PAS and which expanded our horizons and found amazing new friends and experiences relaxed, entertained, meditated and spent 3 beautiful days with laughter and entertainment, as well as our children’s assistants all day were invaluable, and those of us who do not have the possibility of other family watching etc. have enjoyed the stay, .

And then here is our last vacation here, a relaxing holiday by the sea in Bulgaria in Sozopol. It was already a year ago that we could have been able to spend our stay so much that we were happy all year long and that our dream really did. Because the financial situation does not allow us to pay such a stay for ourselves, it was a dream for us! Company awareness was sufficient, comprehensible and timely. Also, the opportunity to explore the aircraft and familiarize us with the plane of the aircraft for us that we were flying for the first time was a great experience for which we are very grateful. At departure, the whole organization, check-in at the airport, preferably for our families, the ability to define a part of the airplane, the speed of transfer from the airport to the hotel, the speed of accommodation, the environment, all services, all inclusive, staff willingness to help FOR HELP employees willing to help at any time as well as children’s assistants, overall well-being and family cohesion have contributed to a perfect dream that we will remember for years with love and beautiful feelings and when the whole stay has only one negative, time ….. we would stay for longer!

With thanks and thanks, we thank FOR HELP – AUTISMUS for this dream, which I think not only for our son Honzik was so profitable that we will all draw on it for a long time!

Ivana Lyduchová, René and Honzík Šusták

Journey to the Blue Dream of Children with PAS, 12. – 19.6. 2017, Sozopol

According to the instructions from the airport’s airport check-in center, all the participants of the stay met in the departure hall before eleventh. Baggage check-in, passport control, and boarding took place without any problems, and before we did, we were on our way to the start. More fears of flight were strangely among the parents. The way the children did it very well.

After an hour and a half we landed in Burgas. The Čedok Delegate had already await us with a bus and after embarking we went to Sozopol and the hotel. The dinner that was already prepared for us was rich and with plenty of vegetables, fruits, various salads, so that everyone could choose theirs.

The following days took place in sunshine, swimming in the sea and pool, sandbuilding, art activities, exercise and meeting. It could have been warmer as it seemed to some more fiery, but most of the temperature between 24-27 degrees would suit. Some of us missed it, but it did not do much good.

The recovery week passed like water in the river. We are very pleased that the children were happy that nobody in the BULGARIA was aware that there had been no injury, no health complications.

The return journey to the airport and the check-in were again without any problems. Čedok fulfilled his word, and everything came down to our demands.

Acknowledging is and we greatly appreciate the help of all donors and co-operating partners, we also thank the children’s assistants for the stay and the psychologist who was part of this organizational team and had a full time consultation with their parents.

We tried to make it all together for the purpose and purpose of the Road to the Blue Dream of the Children with PAS, and we believe that we have – at least a bit 🙂 – succeeded.


Mirka, Radmila and Helena

We are already approaching the departure of the Bulgarian Sunshine. Many times THANK YOU to the partners of this important event The Road to the Blue Dream 2017 and ŽIVOT DĚTEM o.p.s. and the NADAČNÍMU FONDU IVANY ZEMANOVÉ. Without you, it would not be possible to export 12 families with children with a autistic spectrum disorder. Thanks also to FOR HELP s.r.o. for a five-year confidence in our activities. We greatly appreciate it.

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Dear Friends, We are preparing the project The Road to Blue Dream – Stay By Sea in Bulgaria 2017. We choose the same destination based on good experience this year. Priority check-in at airports, hotel services, proximity to the sea, etc.Tourists for the stay The Road to the Blue Dream 2017, let us know by 20.8.2016 at email is determined due to the submission of applications for grants and grants for the year 2017.