Curative stay 2015

Stay Pony cuddles – 31.5. – 3. 6. 2015, Ostravice, Beskydy

In Ostravice, in guest house Sluníčko and Měsíček, the second time at the invitation FOR HELP met12 families with autistic children and their siblings.

The program of the stay was demanding and, with a few days off, when we write these lines, we can say that even successful.

Our prepared program has made it possible for children not only to have interesting and new things, but also to allow their parents to relax.

At the time when parents were on lectures about developing a child with PAS and getting acquainted with the knowledge of the nutrition of children with PAS or relaxing at an arttherapy workshop, there was a program for children. The program was colorful and entertaining and prepared so that children with PAS took away many new experiences, experiences.

A team of professional assistants and lecturers has created a great atmosphere for the family, comfort and tranquility.

Every child had an assistant. The therapist and chief assistant supervised the expertise and quality of their work.

The most important event, included in the stay, was “Pony cuddles”, and this activity was really exceptionally successful.

The Muchovice Farm has lent us horses and is well-prepared for a ride with children.

The kids were on horseback, the ride was safe, we walked through a beautiful forest around the creek, and all of them went under the supervision of PAS children and with the help of professional assistants.

The beautiful Beskydy countryside and the atmosphere of “Pony cuddles” tune everyone into a soothing and peaceful mood.

The program also included treasure hunt, games and masks, visited and enjoyed the pool, toast, toast and meet.

Each of the activities was carried out in a spirit of friendly and cheerful cohesion, which is extremely important for children and their families.

This year, we asked our parents to evaluate the stay and we are happy that their reactions were very favorable. Thanks to parents for their answers, they are a valuable guide for us to do next, and even better.

Dear Sponsors, dear friends, thanks to you, the children and families could experience this wonderful stay. Changing the environment, new encounters, a close relationship that children experienced with horses, all made it easy for children to learn new skills – to lead horses, to hold bridles, to toast, to play games.

On behalf of FOR HELP we also thank our assistants – Denise Pánková, Veronika Biegunová, Victor Biegunová, Dominica Bálková, Nikol Nabelková, Lucia Lazarová, Markéta Vnenková, Patricia Procházková, Katka Pastošová, Alena Federová, Lukáš Slivková, Mark Sekros, Filip Konečný, Daniela Pijáčková.

Team FOR HELP – Helena Stolarikova, Radmile Kotterbová, Adelka Schofferová.

Civil Association Adventor – the therapist Michal Roškaňuk and Olinka Černohorská.

Teachers – art therapist Gabce Hanáková, nutrition consultant Gabce Mike, ABA lecturer Petra Doleželová, Svetlance Marcelová for breathing techniques, yoga and relaxation and last but not least Zuzan Schmid, great masseuse.


Second year of Pony cuddles 30. 5. 2015 – 3. 6. 2015

Residential Pony cuddles

We invite you to stay in Pony cuddles in the beautiful pension Sluníčko in Beskydy. Come to relax, laugh with horses and listen to lectures on autism.

When – 31. 5. – 3. 6. 2015

Where – Pension Sluníčko in Beskydy, Ostravice 1279, 739 14 Ostravice


31. 5. – arrival at 13:00, introduction to the program

for kids: We will learn to breathe with spec. Professor Marcol

for parents: Massage with lava stones

evening sitting at the campfire

1. 6. 9:30 – 11:00 stay in the pool, Pony cuddles

14:00 – 16:00 program for children, party games for children with PAS lecture ABA – Petra Doleželová and Gabriela Miková

17:00 – 19:00 – Michal Roškaňuk

2. 6. 9:30 – 11:00 stay in the pool, Pony cuddles

14:00 – 16:00 Arteotherapy with Gabka Hanáková

17:00 – 20:00 – Michal Roškaňuk

3. 6. 9:00 – 11:00 End of the Stay

What about you?

For Pony cuddles – tight clothing and solid shoes, riding helmet (cycling), swimwear, warm clothing.

Massage capacity is up to 5 people. One big towel and four small ones.

To camp, please add your specters or what you like. Tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, bread will be provided for you. Lunch and dinner are not covered by For Help.

Entrance fee for petting with horseback is for the family 500, – CZK. Capacity is already full, but you can attend all lectures and discussions that are open to the public for free. For organizational reasons, however, it is necessary to make a lecture on Mrs. Mirka Biegunová, e-mail:

During the stay, the assistants will be prepared for children with PAS (autism spectrum disorders).